But what do I wear on my feet?

The dinner party dilemma

If you have ever hosted a dinner party the phrase “home footwear dilemma” will almost certainly resonate with you. Actually, as far as we know, the phrase did not exist until just this minute, and you might be more familiar with “OMG what shall I wear on my feet?” Either way,  you will recognise the problem we are talking about:  what to wear on your feet when you host a dinner party? Or when people come to visit for any other reason – or simply drop in, come to that. Most slippers are not designed to be presentable, that’s the issue. An important issue of our times that we at Shaffay have made it our business to tackle head-on.

So…the dinner party dilemma. You know the one: you will have spent hours preparing your Ottolengi slow cooked lamb and your Nigella chocolate Guinness cake and are feeling quite pleased with yourself because it involved only minimal swearing and the end products actually look somewhat like the photos in the recipe books. You have made sure your home looks elegant and welcoming, arranging the dinner table with the special-occasion-only china and the beautiful wine glasses that are so fragile that you have to wash them with a phoenix feather and dry them with a hairdryer.  Everything is ready…except you. It is now time to transform yourself into a vision of elegance and loveliness, so you put on something swanky and cool and then..? That is when the dilemma hits: what do you put on your feet?

The thing is, it feels distinctly odd to put on a pair of shoes to wear in your own home, does it not?  Putting on shoes feels like you are going to someone else’s dinner party. Your slippers then? This is the point at which you look at yours with distaste. And that is because most slippers do not fit the bill, being too fluffy, too Nordic or frankly too shabby. Who wants to wear old or felt or boiled wool footwear with a classy outfit?  Neither shoes nor slippers really work so you have to choose: comfort or elegance? At Shaffay we want both. This is precisely the problem that inspired the creation of our luxe house shoes.

Traditionally, slippers have been scruffy articles in which to schlep around the house while wearing pyjamas and a dressing gown. However, these days, for many of us, life is centred in and around the home. And we are not talking 1950s housewife waiting for hubby to return from the office. We’re talking 2020s woman working from home, seeing her friends, sorting out her kids, having a LIFE. That woman needs slippers for her whole day and not just for the hour before bed and the hour after waking.  Indoor footwear now needs to be fit for much more than shuffling from sofa to bedroom. The order of the day is comfortable, stylish house shoes that can take us through the day.  We need cosy and warm slippers certainly, but they can still be sleek and stylish. Slippers should feel wonderful, but they need to look good too – good enough for your dinner party.

Possible solutions to the stylish woman’s indoor footwear dilemma

  1. Shaffays of course! We have created the perfect solution for the OMG-what-shall-I-put-on-my-feet moment. Check out our wonderfully soft and elegant house shoes.
  • Keep a pair of white trainers as home footwear for special occasions

A pair of Adidas Stan Smiths (adidas) or one of the many similar models look good with just about any outfit.

  • Birkenstocks Arizona Suede Sandals

These fluffy Birkenstocks are not exactly elegant but they are a decent compromise between indoor and outdoor footwear. They are easy to wear and come recommended by those in the know (see wearsmymoney).

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