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Slow fashion – elegant loungewear labels that last

The wonderful loungewear revolution that has been crescendoing  over the last decade or so seems to be reaching its peak. Almost every clothing brand now offers a loungewear range and there are now plenty luxurious, elegant clothes that are specially designed for wearing at home. And there’s nothing like feeling stylish at home.

Gone are the days when our about-the-house clothes were simply items that had been relegated from the going-out division because they were too dated or too old be presentable to the outside world.

We spend time and effort and money to make our houses into lovely homes, so it is quite natural to we want elegant, flowing garments in which to glide around them like 1950s movie stars. Well, perhaps we got a bit carried away there, but what we do want is to be all set for working from home, taking video calls, popping out for a walk, organising out the kids’ homework and whatever else the day brings, looking and feeling stylish, modern and relaxed. The loungewear revolution is, no doubt, both a response to, and a catalyst for, this desire for lovely clothes to wear at home.

The loungewear revolution has somewhat coincided with the growth of fast fashion and there is inevitable overlap between the two:  cheap, poor-quality loungewear is all over the place. Good news, though: there are also plenty of brands that offer high-quality pieces that are much more likely to look good for a few years rather than a couple of months. We want to make the case for sustainable loungewear – slow loungewear: buy less and buy better.

Where to look for slow loungewear:

  • Earnest Leoty for sweatpants, hoodies and yoga gear.
  • Lululemon or Sweaty Betty for leggings that look great and last for years.
  • Baukjen for fabulous jumpers (many of which are made of recycled wool).
  • And for inexpensive, sustainable and luxuriously soft loungewear, try BAM’s bamboo range, which is all very reasonably priced. Their bamboo socks are extremely soft and wearable.

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