Read our feature in The Review's Valentine's Gift Guide.

Feature in The Review’s Valentines Gift Guide

Read our feature in The Review’s Valentine’s Gift Guide.



Whether you’re a breathless romantic or simply want to show your admiration for that special someone, Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to splash out on luxury items designed to delight the senses.

This year, let’s do away with the predictable and the kitsch, and leave the acres of saccharine and heart-hugging bears on the shelves. From the fascinating to the flavoursome, the flirtatious to the finessed, these gifts are sure to set hearts racing this February. 

Blake Mill Limited Edition People Watching Shirt

Beautifully crafted with a unique and alluring impressionist design, this shirt is yet another stunning example of what Blake Mill does best: producing superior quality menswear that’s as eye-catching as it is confidence-boosting. Ideal for business and leisure alike, it’s the ideal gift for the man in your life who doesn’t shy from standing out. 

Truffle Hunter Complete Truffle Hamper

There’s no shortage of hokum, urban myths and outright lies in the gastronomy world regarding aphrodisiacs, but anyone who’s caught a deep whiff of a freshly-cut truffle knows that it’s a scent that bypasses the brain and goes straight for the loins. This beautiful gift set from Truffle Hunter ensures you’re never short of nature’s most luxurious and sensual ingredients, perfect for a Valentine’s dinner that guarantees results. 

Mame Huku Kimono

An expression of opulence, a wearable work of art, and a truly spectacular gift that’s sure to make a lasting impact: the kimonos of Mame Huku – a British brand sourcing vintage Japanese silkwares – come with histories and stories as unique as each captivating item. A genuinely breathtaking gift, capturing all the romance of the orient. 

Cotswold Knit Blockley Set

For all its promises of intimacy and heat, Valentine’s Day still sits in one of the coldest, wettest, greyest months of the year. Cotswold Knit’s Blockley Set – which consists of a stunning jacquard-patterned scarf, beret and handwarmers in blushing pink and rhubarb tones – is the perfect salve and gift to showcase your practicality, peerless taste, and affection. 

Shaffay Luxury Shanghai Slippers

Shanghai Luxury slippers for women

You know what they say: warm hands, warm heart. I’d take this idiom further and add ‘warm feet’ to the equation… because a luxurious pair of slippers is always a welcome gift, not least when they’re made with an alluring oxblood Nappa lamb’s leather and a cosy, comforting fleece trim. 

Terlingham 2020 Limited Edition Rosé

The English sparkling wine scene is (quite rightly) attracting some serious attention right now, and Terlingham’s beautiful sparkling rosé is the perfect bottle to demonstrate your peerless good taste while setting the scene on Valentine’s Day. A multi award-winning artisan fizz crafted from the holy trinity of Champagne varieties, it’s a stunning choice from this exciting Kent-based vineyard. 

Audrey Babydoll, Fleur of England Lingerie

Buying lingerie for a loved one on Valentine’s Day can be a bit of a risk. Unless, that is, you settle for nothing but the finest silk nightwear, meticulously handmade to heighten sensuality and romance. This sheer babydoll from the eminent Fleur of England is dramatic, flattering, luxurious and timelessly sexy, and is sure to quicken the pulse. 

The Flower Lady and Dashing Gent Scented Candle Gift Set, Chase & Wonder

Who doesn’t love scented candles? This chic and charming gift set brings together two delightfully sensual candles – one scented with spices, leather and patchouli, the other with rose, cassis and wild berries – to ensure your home ambience unleashes hour after hour of romance. 

Beautifying 3 Step Ritual Gift Set, Mauli Rituals

Himalayan bath salts, a massage oil featuring 17 potent botanical extracts, and a handcrafted tension release massager dome? It’s hard to imagine a better trio of stunning items to bring the utmost of relaxation to the end of Valentine’s Day. Made according to Ayurvedic principles and with exquisite natural ingredients, this gift set brings 5-star spa quality to the bathroom and bedroom. 

Soko Patisserie Chocolate Lips

Valentine’s Day isn’t complete without some celebratory chocolates, but when it comes to making a boldly positive impression, only the very best will do. Soko Patisserie has teamed up with Michelin starred chef Andreas Antona, who curated this box of chocolate lips boasting flavours of orange, passion fruit and salted caramel, and pistachio and white chocolate. Temptation awaits. 

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