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How to look good and feel great – at home

It’s so important to look as good as you can – it’s confidence boosting and empowering. We all know this and that’s why we usually make the effort to show ourselves at our best when we leave the house.

Have you thought about how the way you dress at home affects the way you feel too? When there is no one to see how you look, other than family members and the odd person dropping in unannounced, does it matter how you present yourself? Of course it does. 

At home, more than anywhere, you are dressing to impress…yourself. It is all about self-esteem and confidence. Home is your base from which you prepare to face the world. If you work from home, you need to feel that you can switch out of “home mode” and into “work mode”. That is entirely psychological, of course, but you can help yourself into a professional mindset by starting from the outside with the way you dress. Naturally, home is where you should be most at ease and so, unless you need to make some super high-powered Zoom-based presentation that calls for an equally high-powered suit, comfort is key. Still, in order to look and feel good, it is important to be comfortable in style. Even if you are not working from home in the professional sense, you no doubt have a list of tasks that you wish to achieve during your day. Hanging around in your hufflebuffs (scruffy old comfies) will more likely give you a mental push to the sofa than set you up to get everything done. 

Here are our tips for looking and feeling good at home.

  1. Take good care of your skin

Your face is the part of you that you are going to see the most. Let’s face(!) it – you catch your reflection several times a day and each time you do, you give it the onceover. We all do it! Seeing that your skin is looking as good as it can is an instant confidence boost. You know all the tricks: daily cleansing and moisturising, perhaps a weekly face mask and definitely drinking plenty of water so that you are always well hydrated. 

  1. Hair and makeup

You may not wish to bother with makeup at home. Indeed, it is good for your skin to leave it makeup free sometimes. However, if ever you are feeling a bit on the low side, applying light makeup can give you a little pep.

There is no need to spend hours doing your hair when you are staying home. As long as you do not stick with the “bed head” look all day, and do enough to your hair to look reasonably well-groomed, then you are all set. That way you won’t be distracted by your hair when you catch your reflection (see point 1)!

  1. Dress to feel good

Dress for being at home. Wearing your oldest and shabbiest clothes just because no one will see them will do nothing to enhance your mood or productivity. Choose comfortable and stylish clothing for around the house – perhaps leggings or smart sweatpants with a good quality sweatshirt or hoodie; perhaps a flowy maxi dress. You might like to invest in some lovely loungewear. Choose pieces with flattering cuts and designs that are made of soft, breathable materials and in colours that make you happy.

  1. Slippers!

Don’t forget your feet! Here at Shaffay, our focus is entirely on home footwear. Good quality slippers are key to protecting your feet around the house and to keeping them warm and comfortable. If your slippers have a touch of elegance too, then they will complete your home outfit and make you feel properly put together. We designed our slippers with exactly that in mind.

  1. Keep moving

When you spend a whole day at home it takes a little effort to stay active. Make sure that you get up and walk around every hour or so – set an alarm if you need to. If you have been hunched and concentrating hard at your computer, then adding in a few simple stretches each time you get up will help relax the muscles you have almost certainly been tensing. Try to be aware of your posture too: sitting and standing up straight will help you look and feel more confident. If at all possible, get outside at some point during the day. A little fresh air and exercise is perhaps the best boost of all to both your looks and your mood.

So, with a few simple and low-effort measures, you can look and feel your best at home. Just for you – for your own mood and confidence. (Plus, you never know who might knock at your door!) 

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