Read our interview with Grammersi.

Interview with Grammersi

Read our interview with Grammersi.

The Shanghai luxury slipper for women

Shaffay Slippers are perfect for women who like to wear high-quality, comfortable, luxurious, footwear at home – whilst looking and feeling elegant and stylish.

Invest in high-quality fashion that is built to last.

Shaffay’s products are made from high-quality, soft Nappa leather, and they’re lined with a luxurious silky, faux fur fabric. Designed in the UK, the products embody the classic mule shape, but with a slightly squared-off toe, to bring them up-to-date.

The Paris luxury slipper for women.

Being so soft, the slippers mould and adapt to the wearer’s feet, and thanks to the clever design and cut, they won’t lose their shape. The rubber used on the sole is strong, durable, flexible, and non-slip. A hidden wedge in the heel raises the foot slightly off the ground, adding to the comfort, whilst being better for your feet, and posture.

Shaffay launched in September 2021 with their Signature Collection. The slippers come in four different colourways, each with a contrasting outer and inner, and each slipper is named after a city that has a special significance for the brand’s founder, Anna Elshafei. 

“I just wanted some lovely slippers. Slippers I could look good and feel good in, and that’s it. To my mind, the perfect slippers are luxuriously soft, but strong and lasting, and beautifully made with high quality materials,” said Anna Elshafei.

Shaffay luxury slippers for women in four gorgeous colour ways
Anna Elshafei Shaffay Slippers

Prior to launching Shaffay, Anna lived in China for a while, before returning to the UK to qualify as a lawyer.

Anna then worked in Hong Kong and Shanghai but decided to leave private practice a few years ago because she wanted the freedom to spend more time with her family, and the idea for slippers was starting to form in her mind.

So she moved back to the UK, and she started Shaffay Slippers, whilst continuing to do some legal work on a freelance basis.

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