Quotes from some brave pioneers: early Shaffay Women who trialled and reviewed our slippers for women prior to launch to give us their feedback on fit, style, comfort and a bit about what makes them different…

slippers for women

“A step-up from a slipper”

“They are really comfortable”

“They look elegant. And the design makes me feel safe when wandering around, often slippers feel flimsy and slightly dangerous, these are great!”

“I feel a bit elevated in them”

“I sometimes feel tempted to wear them out!!! Could get away with it, colour, shape etc I don’t think people would realise they were slippers without looking closer”

“I wear them outside sometimes as I have to go out in the morning, across wet grass, to deal with my tortoise, they are totally waterproof!!!”

“I love them”


“A really cool slipper”

“A little tight at first, but now perfect! I love wearing them!”

“Felt a bit tight at first, but soon gave way, and now fit lovely.”

“More house shoes than slippers”

“Very comfortable, and very warm. Bit too warm on the hot days recently. But will be amazing come winter!”

“I always feel so happy in the morning when I find them next to my bed ready for my feet!”

“Best slippers I’ve owned and working from home etc it makes a real difference. I used to wear trainers around house for stability etc and to get housework done, but these allow me to do any of usual house stuff and feel safe and warm, and able to grip, move freely etc.”


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