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I just wanted some lovely slippers. Slippers that I could look and feel good in. That’s it: the simple inspiration behind Shaffay Slippers.

To my mind, the perfect slippers are luxuriously soft but strong and lasting; beautifully made with high-quality materials.

Understated house shoes, with clean lines and in lovely colours, that effortlessly complement daywear, leisurewear, loungewear and sleepwear. They should add a bit of style to the everyday and offer an elegant solution to the old problem of what to wear on your feet when guests come for dinner.

I love slippers. I wear them all the time at home. As far as footwear-related qualifications go, that is my lot. While the idea might be simple, actually making real footwear, of course, turned out to be a lot more complicated. Nevertheless, creating my own slipper brand of elegant, timeless, warm women’s slippers felt distinctly possible. I have spent much of my adult life in China and, in China, whatever it is you need, someone will be able to make it for you.

The Signature Collection

I found Jess, my brilliant designer, back home in London. Jess translated the picture in my head into a realisable design specification. After much discussion and lots of iterations, she and I settled on the design of our Signature collection – an elegant silhouette using the finest raw materials to create stylish, warm luxury women’s slippers. We sent that to a workshop of clever craftsmen in Guangdong Province, not far from where my husband and I spend a lot of our time.  They made our designs into beautiful slippers for me – and now for you.

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The Colourways

The first colourways in my Signature collection are inspired by and named for four cities that each have a special significance for me: London, Cairo, Paris and Shanghai.

London is where I grew up and the yellow and charcoal colourway reflects the streets of the city (which, in my humble opinion, is the world’s greatest).

I have named my dark red and blush colourway for Shanghai because, in China, red is the luckiest of lucky colours and Shanghai, where I lived and worked for over a decade, is my favourite Chinese city: an über cool metropolis that bustles with dynamic people.

My mid-grey and deep-pink colourway is the most feminine and romantic of the four and so it is named for Paris, the location of our honeymoon and, of course, the universal city of love.

Finally, the caramel and blue colourway reflects the cityscape and skyline of Cairo, Egypt’s fascinating capital where we spend a lot of our time and where we plan to spend much more.

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