6 Ways to Pamper Your Feet

6 Ways to Pamper Your Feet

Your foot is a work of amazing complexity and strength. It contains 26 bones, 33 joints and over 100 muscles, ligaments, and tendons. It is unnecessarily complex really – a remnant of our evolutionary ancestors who needed flexible feet to grab and hold things. Our more rigid feet work hard to support and carry our entire body weight.

Despite all that hard work that our feet do for us, we often neglect to take good care of them our feet.

Here at Shaffay, we are all about treating your feet to a bit of luxury every day. Here are our tips for looking after them.

Treat your feet to a spa session

According to Chinese medicine, regularly soaking your feet in hot water infused with medicinal herbs has substantial (though usually unspecified!) benefits for your general health. If you have a foot massage in China, it will begin with a foot soak in a vat of almost scaldingly hot water. It takes all but the hardiest a few minutes to actually immerse their feet in it. Once you do though, it feels amazing.

There is something very lovely and relaxing about having someone else pamper your feet. Here in the UK, most health clubs and wellness centres offer foot spa sessions.

For more regular sessions, you might either create your own footbath or invest in a foot spa device to use at home. 

Simply soaking in hot water is a wonderful but simple way to look after your feet and relax at the same time. Soaking in a solution of Epsom salts eases soreness and muscle pain, and essential oils can be very soothing – more on that below.

Home foot spas range from those with features such as water heaters, water jets and numerous automatic massage rollers, to cheaper versions that do not heat the water and function and have only one or two manual massage rollers. A spa with a water heater is rather more luxurious of course and will encourage you to soak your feet for longer.

Whether you go for a luxury foot spa, a more basic model or simply soak your feet, you will help promote blood circulation and relaxation.

Lotions and Potions

Essential oils

Essential oils will soothe and care for tired feet. Here are a few essential oils you might consider adding to your foot soak or spa – either on their own or in combination:

Chamomile oil

Chamomile has healing properties and can help soothe sensitive skin and ease blisters.

Lavender Oil

A drop of lavender oil in your foot bath will give your room a relaxing aroma, your feet a pleasant scent and can help to heal any cracked skin on your heels.

Eucalyptus oil

Use eucalyptus oil if you’ve been on your feet all day and your feet feel tired or painful. A few drops in your spa water will help your feet to feel relaxed.

Pamper your feet using essential oils from Neil’s Yard

Epsom salts

Epsom salts can soften the skin and ease muscle and joint pain. We found this lovely Epsom and Dead Sea Soak with Essential Oils at Salts & Co:

Foot cream

Using a good quality foot cream every day will help to moisturise and protect the skin on your feet. This article from the Independent advises that using cream regularly will “renew and repair your soles and prevent damage” and picks OPI Pro Spa Intensive as the best daily balm for feet (£30 for 236ml). Its choice for best luxury on a budget is Bare Feet by Margaret Dabbs (£8.50 for 100ml). 

Have a pedicure

A pedicure is a treat at any time but perhaps something of a necessity during the summer months when your feet are on show. Professionally groomed and painted toe nails really complete a summer outfit.

Give your feet a rest

When you have been on your feet all day, consciously give them a rest. Put your feet up! Lie on your bed or sofa with your feet slightly raised and a cushion under your knees for comfort. And, relax.

Cushion your feet in luxury slippers

Here at Shaffay we believe in pampering your feet with really good quality slippers. Breathable slippers will help your feet to relax after wearing shoes all day. Our women’s designer slippers not only protect your feet but look good too. Slip-on luxury leather slippers that are elegant as well as practical.

Experience the comfort and elegance of Shaffay slippers. You can shop our Signature Collection here.

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