Five Fascinating Foot Facts 

“Foot facts” is probably not a Google search you find yourself making often but you’d be surprised at the number of results if you did. Remarkable and often underappreciated until you encounter an issue with them, your feet are capable of extraordinary things. Here are just five facts about feet that might surprise you. 

1. Your feet contain a quarter of all the bones in your body

Collectively, the two feet in an adult human body contain a total of 52 bones That is about a quarter of all the bones in the body. Many of these bones are very small and together they form the intricate arches and joints that provide us with such amazing flexibility and stability.

2. There are more than 200,000 sweat glands in the feet

Our feet are among the body’s most sweat-prone areas, containing more sweat glands per square inch than any other part. That may sound rather unpleasant, but it means that the feet are an important element of our bodies’ temperature regulation system.

3. The longest toenail ever recorded measured 87 nches

The Guinness World Record for the longest toenail ever recorded is, as at the date of writing, 330.98cm (87 inches). The current entry notes that the record holder still grows their toenails, collects all their nail clippings and (not surprisingly) rarely wears shoes.

4. Feet are as unique as fingerprints

The ridges, lines, and creases on the soles of your feet are distinctive and can be used for identification purposes, much like fingerprints.

5. The Average Person Walks Thousands of Miles in a Lifetime

We make good use of our feet. Over the course of an average lifetime, a person will walk approximately 100,000 miles. That’s equivalent to circling the Earth’s equator more than four times. Walking is a complex activity that engages more than 200 muscles, including those in your feet, legs, and core. No wonder it’s such a fantastic low-impact exercise for overall health.


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