Read our feature in the 16 Dazzling Valentine's Day gift ideas in the Reader's digest.

Feature in the Reader’s Digest

Read our feature in the 16 Dazzling Valentine’s Day gift ideas in the Reader’s digest.

16 Dazzling Valentine’s Day gift ideas

Reader’s Digest Editors 3 February 2023

Make your loved one feel special on Valentine’s Day with one of these unique and romantic gift ideas 


Serenity Sterling Silver Ring, £40

Woman wearing a magenta coloured ring

Let your loved one shine with this head-turning ring from the relatively new, yet already TikTok-famous brand, LYNA London. Made with sterling silver, 18K gold plated, and featuring a glistening cubic zirconia stone, it’s an affordable piece of jewellery that feels effortlessly luxurious. You can choose from a variety of vibrant colour options, including an elegant emerald, delicate lavender and icy blue, but we were especially beguiled but this intense magenta hue, that changes tone depending on the lighting.

The ring comes in a plush, ribboned little pouch, and includes a small cleaning cloth, making it extra special. A surefire way to please someone with a penchant for a bit of glitz and glamour.

Small comforts

Shaffay women’s slippers, £95

Luxury slippers for women

Funny how the hottest holiday of the year takes place in the coldest month, isn’t it? Well, here’s something that will not only warm your special lady’s heart this Valentine’s Day—but her feet, too. Introducing the luxury Nappa leather slippers from a small London boutique, Shaffay.

Their slippers embody what can only be referred to as a true labour of love, when you consider the immense amount of thought and attention that goes into the making of this product. From the finest raw materials to the most exquisite craftsmanship (the slippers come to life in a workshop in Guangdong Province, China), everything about Shaffay exudes passion and perfectionism.

An elegant, timeless design comes together with homey comfort when your foot slips into the warm, fuzzy lining, only to be hugged by the springy memory foam base, bringing an instant sense of relaxation.

Pocketalk S Voice and Camera Translator£209

Pocketalk S Voice and Camera Translator

For learning French, the language of love…or any of 81 other languages! If you are planning to take that special someone on a romantic trip to Paris, this will be the perfect accompaniment to ensure that you can make yourself understood. It also works in over 130 other countries, so you can travel comfortably for years to come!

The Pocketalk S comes with an inbuilt SIM offering data in countries all over the world so that you don’t need to rely on Wifi connections or mobile hotspots to make this device work. You can use it for real-time two-way voice translations for smoother conversations, or you can use the camera to translate text (perfect for decoding the menu on date night). 

Perfectly travel-sized, this is the ideal gift for a lover of languages and holidays!


Sakura by Ormonde Jayne, £145

Soft, feminine and sophisticated, Ormonde Jayne’s new fragrance will be the perfect match for anyone with a nose for understated yet complex scents. Inspired by the iconic Japanese cherry blossoms and the Hanami tradition (the custom of enjoying the transient beauty of flowers), the perfume symbolises reflection and the fleeting yet eternal beauty of life. Other notes include lime, mandarin, pink pepper, soft almond, violets and vanilla.

You can also engrave the bottle cap with your loved one’s name, initials or a special date for an additional £15—a present to keep forever.

Perles de Lalique by Lalique, £79

Where Sakura celebrates dreamy romanticism, Perles de Lalique puts an emphasis on freshness and sprightliness, with just a dash of sexy. The fragrant Bulgarian rose takes centre stage here, but don’t let that fool you—there’s nothing demure or overly sweet about this perfume. There’s a spicy dash of pepper, combined with earthy oakmoss and velvety cashmirwood and just a hint of subdued patchouli and iris. The result is an alluring but somehow aloof mixture; a timeless, bohemian scent that’s icy and cool in nature, and will suit both men and women. Beware though—it’s not for the faint of heart!

Encre Noire by Lalique, £72

Now here’s a true statement fragrance if ever there was one. Dark and smouldering, this is the stuff that a brooding 1950s detective would wear. Opening up with pine and vetiver notes reminiscent of moist woodland, Encre Noire dries down to an inky, austere but soulful scent that transports you to a medieval church.

Perfect for colder months of the year like autumn and winter, it’ll become your go-to fragrance for special occasions and times when you just want a touch of gothic charm to your look. Inimitable.  


Luxury cheese and wine hamper by Snowdonia Cheese, £65

A beautiful cheese hamper

Everyone has their preferred love language. For some, it’s physical touch; for others, it’s words of affirmation. For us, it’s cheese. Whether it’s smoky Beechwood, tangy Red Leicester, or sublime truffle cheddar, this delectable collection will sweep the fromage fan in your life off their feet.

Wrapped in a smart black hamper, comes a selection of Snowdonia Cheese company’s biggest hits—Black Bomber, Rock Star, Beechwood, Red Storm and Truffle Trove—accompanied by two dreamy chutneys, creamy milk crackers, and a bottle of delicious Chilean wine.

A foodie’s heaven and a lovely treat for those cold winter evenings.

Tastecard, £9.99, £19.99 or £34.99

Make date nights part of your regular routine with a tastecard, with gift memberships for three, six or 12 months at different reasonable prices. Offers include 2 for 1 meals, 50 per cent off food and even 2 for 1 off the total bill for thousands of restaurants (popular chains and independents) all over the UK.

Members can also get up to 40 per cent off cinema tickets and attractions such as Alton Towers and Thorpe Park. A tastecard is literally a gift that keeps on giving and one for couples looking for tasty trips, adventures and savings for many dates together! A thoughtful gift for a loved one you want to make memories with, while making savings at the same time? Delicious.

Perfect British cheeseboard by Butlers Farmhouse, £10

Butlers Valentines letterbox British cheeseboard

If you’re on a budget, then this smaller Valentine’s letterbox “perfect British cheeseboard” from Butlers award-winning Farmhouse Cheeses is perfect for a loved one who enjoys their cheese. It’s handmade with love and delivered from the dairy straight to your door.

The letterbox format gift set includes Blacksticks Blue (blue), Button Mill (soft) and Sunday Best (hard), as well as Tracklement’s sticky fig relish and Peter’s Yard crackers. There’s even a Valentine’s gift card for all your cheesiest lines for your Valentine. Why not crack open a bottle of wine as well and have a perfect romantic date night with a good film and a perfect British cheeseboard?

Cutter and Squidge Valentine’s Day Mixed Mini Brownie Box£18.99

Cutter and Squidge Mixed Mini Brownie Box

If the key to your loved one’s heart is through their stomach, this brownie box is the perfect gift. A selection of mini brownies that are just as indulgent and delicious as their full-sized counterparts, flavours range from classic chocolate and salted caramel to strawberry shortcake and red velvet.

The box comes with either 12 or 24 brownies, all handmade in London, and they are vegetarian– and halal-friendly. The brownies taste as good as they look, and they look amazing! There could be no better gift for someone with a sweet tooth.

The Knoops Valentine’s Gift Set£25.00

Knoops Hot chocolate gift set

This gift set is perfect for any chocolate lover! Elegantly packaged in a classy black box, it contains Knoops 43 per cent milk hot chocolate flakes and five giant marshmallows. The hot chocolate is indulgent and creamy, and the giant marshmallows elevate it to luxurious heights. 

You could also get a hot chocolate shaker, which really changes the game when it comes to making your hot chocolate! Full instructions are included, but using it is simple. You just warm your milk up in the shaker, add some hot chocolate flakes, put the lid on and shake for 10 seconds. Voila! A perfectly smooth and frothy hot chocolate. You can also use it to make chocolate milkshakes in summer—a Valentine’s Day gift that will keep giving all year long!


Santa Ana Gin, £29.99

A bottle of Santa Ana gin

The look, the feel, the aroma, the taste—everything about this elegant gin carries an air of exotic mystery. The bottle is a statement in itself: featuring a stunning art deco design, an opulent label depicting a colourful jungle scene, and a deep turquoise tint to the lower part of the glass, it’ll become the crown jewel of any drinks cabinet or trolley.

And then there’s the gin itself: an intoxicating symphony of tropical botanicals such as juniper, coriander, orange, angelica, and orris root, it’s a complex, heady liquor that’ll make every occasion feel special. You can enjoy it neat, but Santa Ana really sings when accompanied by some quality tonic water, a few juniper berries and lots and lots of ice.

Whitebox Classic Cocktail Gift Pack£34

Whitebox Classic Cocktail Gift Pack

This one is perfect for a Galentine’s celebration. The gift pack includes a selection of charmingly packaged classic cocktails including Squeeze’s Margarita and Chipper’s Old Fashioned. It might lead to fights over who gets which cocktail…but everyone will come out a winner, because each cocktail is delicious, from the tangy margarita to the bittersweet negroni.

The cocktails come ready to serve in 100ml cans and range from 16.8–34.4% ABV. For the best experience, pour them into glasses over ice. You’ll be the perfect host at your next drinks night!

Edwards 1902 Rhubarb Vodka, £42

This delicious, beautifully packaged rhubarb vodka is made using locally grown Yorkshire rhubarb and the famous, award-winning Edwards 1902 English potato vodka—and it’s bound to become one of your new favourite spirits.

An incredibly versatile drink, it’s equally tasty when enjoyed neat, over ice; with a simple mixer—or as the star of an intricate cocktail to impress your friends. It’s refreshingly smooth but still packs a slight acidic punch, yet it’s never too overpowering. A delightful drink that can be enjoyed all year round. And did we mention that the bottle is pure eye candy?

Line Reverse: rechargeable electric corkscrew, £119.99

An electric corkscrew

Speaking of tipples, the oenophile in your life will no doubt appreciate this sophisticated electric corkscrew from none other than the legendary French carmaker, Peugeot.

What makes it better than a traditional corkscrew, you ask? Well, pretty much everything. You can say goodbye to cutting your fingers on the sharp foil capsule, undignified wrestling with a particularly stubborn cork in front of your dinner guests, or making a mess while trying to remove the cork from the worm. But more importantly, have you seen it?! Majestic yet understated, it boasts a sleek and modern carbon finish. 

Other perks include long battery life, fast charging and fully automatic operation. Gift it as an accompaniment to a lovely bottle of wine or just on its own. Trust us, they’ll be pleased!


The Masterpiece Torso vase by Caramel Rose Homeware, £39.99

For people who love to fill their space with beautiful objects, you can’t go wrong with this sensuous vase from the independent brand, Caramel Rose. Founded by Temi Kuku Grant in 2021, it focuses on sustainably sourced, sophisticated products that blend modern design with classic sensibilities.

Browse their shop pages and get inspired to reinvent your home: whether it’s blankets, cushions, or scented candles, you’re bound to find just the things that’ll add that extra touch of ambiance and style to your surroundings.

One of their all-time bestsellers is this ceramic torso vase, celebrating the female body in its true form. Perfect for a small handful of short-stemmed real, fake, or dried flowers, it comes in three colours for you to choose from. 

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