Christmas Slippers – the perfect gift

Christmas slippers! No, we are not talking about cartoon slippers with Rudolph red noses or Santa faces. Of course not: we are all about elegance here at Shaffay. No, when we talk about Christmas slippers we mean luxury slippers as the classic, perfect Christmas present. 

We reckon slippers are one of the quintet of classic Christmas presents for adults: chocolate; socks; hamper; jumper; slippers. Each of these can make an extremely successful gift if you get it right, or be very dull, bog-standard and unsuccessful if you get it wrong. Posh chocs always go down well. Non-posh chocs not so much – definitely a bit “meh”, as the kids say (or maybe don’t anymore – it’s so hard to keep up). Everyone loves a new jumper, especially at Christmas, but jumper gifts can go horribly wrong. That said, if you err on the luxurious side and include a gift receipt, no one will complain. Socks are the quintessential gift for a man and need to be really a bit special in order not to fall into the “couldn’t come up with anything more imaginative” category. Hampers can be lovely but it tends to be only the expensive versions that are really good gifts, as those are the ones that are packed with properly useful and delicious things – rather than teeny tiny packets of oddly flavoured teas that will live in a kitchen cupboard until they get too dry and nasty to use. 

Slippers for women

Right now, we make only luxury slippers for women (people keep asking us about a men’s range and we’re still thinking about that…) so we are all about ladies’ slippers and hence the emphasis on that below. Here are five reasons why we believe ours make the best gift for someone special.

  1. Luxury slippers for women

A gift needs to be a bit luxurious, does it not? Luxury slippers must be soft soft soft. Shaffay slippers are crafted from an extremely soft Nappa leather that feels fabulous to slip into and moulds beautifully to the feet with wear. Each pair comes with a silky soft carry bag for an extra touch of luxury. Give unmistakable quality and luxury and you will make someone feel very special.

  1. Comfortable slippers for women

Comfort is, of course, the key ingredient for slippers. We designed ours for comfort as much as for elegance. The memory foam footbed, soft, supple leather upper and flexible rubber sole make them extremely comfortable slippers. There is nothing like the feeling of slipping the feet into soft, warm slippers – at any time, but especially when you have been out all day in our cold British winter.

  1. Warm slippers for women

Those cold winters are a big part of why slippers are such a popular Christmas present in the UK. After all, our favourite festival falls in the depths of our cold weather and just before the “scurry home” weather of January and February. We Brits love a cosy Christmas and our gifts often reflect that. A bikini is only going to work as a Christmas present for someone who is off to warmer climes for a new year holiday! Our slippers have a warm pile lining, a soft inner sole and strong rubber sole that will keep her feet warm even on hard floors.

  1. Unique slippers for women

Ideally, a gift should be a little different. Unique if possible. Shaffay slippers are not like any other slippers on the market. Their clean, elegant lines and four gorgeous colourways put them in a class of their own.

  1. Beautifully wrapped slippers for women

Opening a Christmas present, and watching someone open your gift to them, should be a joyful experience. Shaffay slippers come wrapped in tissue, with their rich purple silky carry bag, all in our own lovely shoe box. It’s a treat to open.

Christmas slippers! If you have not yet ordered a pair of (in our humble opinion) the best women’s slippers for a special lady in your life, why are you still reading? Get to it! She will love them.

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